Target Band 8: A Theme Based IELTS Course

This theme based course will give you the depth of knowledge and understanding you need to reach IELTS 7 and beyond. The 12 modules cover the most common IELTS test themes, and highlight connections that will give you the ability to impress the examiners.

12 Week course

12 Modules


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Is this course for you?

If you are struggling with essay writing, or if you lack the confidence and understanding to answer speaking questions, this course is for you. Jumping up to Band 7 and beyond is the hardest stage of IELTS. It takes great material, practice, and plenty of opportunities to interact with trainers and motivated learners.

How will you learn?

Build your knowledge in the most common IELTS writing and speaking from authentic and recent material. Each module uses autograded listening and reading to give you the instant feedback you need. Weekly Zoom sessions with IELTS experts will help you understand how to put this new knowledge to use, how to think critically and how to make connections that will help you ace the test.

What makes this course different?

This course is written and designed by teachers and examiners with over 20 years of IELTS experience. It utilises the most effective methodologies for learning - constructivism and connectivism with a flipped classroom approach. Build your knowledge in your time, then use the live sessions and study groups to supercharge your understanding and progress.

Course curriculum


Environment Module


Technology Module


Medicine Module


Architecture Module


Science Module


Education Module


Economics Module


Travel Module


Health Module


Transport Module


History Module


Crime Module

Target Band 8

Instructed by Andrew Matthews

Here’s what our Current Students have to say...

"Taking the Mastering IELTS course was a game-changer for me. I had been stuck at band 6 for the longest time, especially in writing and speaking. This course, designed by experienced IELTS trainers and examiners, helped me break past my barriers with ease and confidence. Andrew Matthews's approach, focusing on arguing, comparing, evaluating, and speculating, really made a difference. His 20 years of experience in teaching English and serving as an IELTS examiner truly shows in the course. It's worth every penny!"
"The course content was comprehensive, covering 12 common IELTS themes like IT, Health, and Architecture. Each module contained lessons and quizzes that significantly boosted my understanding of the topics. While I appreciated the convenience of having my reading and listening answers graded automatically, I found the option to have my speaking or writing answers graded by professional trainers for a small fee incredibly helpful."
Ranamdeep Singh
"I was initially hesitant about enrolling in the course, but the course curriculum convinced me. I was impressed by how user-friendly the ieltslms platform is and how engaging the lessons were. I never felt bored! The course not only improved my English but also my critical thinking skills. The lifetime access to all materials, including 500+ mock tests, progress reports, and connectivity with IELTS graders and trainers, is a real steal for just $45."
"The Mastering IELTS course was instrumental in improving my IELTS score. The theme-based approach allowed me to delve deep into the topics and develop a thorough understanding. I appreciated the authentic magazine articles and real audio tracks, which enriched my knowledge. However, I think the course could benefit from a more interactive student community."
"The course exceeded my expectations. It pushed me to engage my higher-order thinking skills, and I found myself able to recall, argue, and debate with confidence. The IELTS LMS platform is a valuable tool that helped me keep track of my scores and interact with trainers. I would highly recommend this course to anyone aiming for Band 7 and above in IELTS."
Joining the Mastering IELTS course was the best decision I made for my test preparation. The course's focus on practical application of skills, rather than just theory, sets it apart. I am now confident in my abilities and look forward to achieving my target score. For those feeling overwhelmed by IELTS preparation, this course is a beacon of clarity and support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many modules are there in MI?

12 modules covering common topics like IT, Health,Environment, Medicine, Economics, Travel and Architecture.

Yes, each module has 2 Task 2 essay writing questions and multiple speaking questions.

They are graded automatically and include location information in the text or transcript showing you where the answer is located.

If you want your speaking or writing answers graded you have many options. 1. You can take our free IELTS Rubric Training Course and grade your own work. 2. You can ask your own teacher to grade your work (Trainers can join IELTS LMS too). 3. You can request one of the trainers currently on IELTS LMS to grade your work from as little as US$3 per submission.

There are NO OTHER costs. We have other premium courses being added all of the time, and engaging a trainer to grade your work will cost more. But there are no other costs for using the platform.

Yes, of course, we welcome teachers and trainers.