Break through Band 7 with ease and confidence

Many students struggle to get to Band 6.5 or 7, especially in speaking and writing. Our course is designed by IELTS trainers and examiners to get you there, fast!

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Many students fail to reach Band 6.5 because they can't give extended and fluent answers in writing and speaking. Mastering IELTS: A Theme Based Approach solves this common problem.

Offer ends in 10:03

How will Mastering IELTS: A Theme Based Approach help you get Band 7?

Build knowledge of IELTS themes through auto-graded quizzes

Write and speak confidently on any topic

Focus on the skills that examiners look for at Band 7

Understand your strengths and weaknesses in all four skills

Connect themes and impress the examiner

Study when you want, where you want

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who have taken this course would recommend you to join if you fit any of the following:

You need a Band 6.5 or higher

You have limited time to improve

Band 6.5 requires you to get at least two Band 7 scores. This is not easy, and requires ‘extended support’, ‘clear progression of ideas’, ‘precise use of vocabulary’, and a ‘range of error free grammar’. Tips and tricks aren’t going to help you here, only good English will!

On average, it takes 3 months of study to raise a bandscore by 0.5. Mastering IELTS: A Theme Based Approach cuts this time for dedicated students. The modules are designed to give you the maximum benefit in the minimum time, but it’s your hard work that will bring you success!

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You lack confidence in writing or speaking

You know that speaking or writing about something at a high level is difficult. Try talking about your favourite hobby for five minutes and see how hard this is. How can you be confident in the test if you don’t have good knowledge and understanding? You can’t! This course asks questions that will engage your critical thinking skills and give you the confidence you need.

You get stressed in higher pressure situations

Some people are fine talking to their friends, but when it comes to tests they fall apart. Don’t let that be you! Mastering IELTS will give you the confidence to chat with the examiner like an old friend. You will even be able to predict the speaking questions and be ready with deep and meaningful answers.

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Out of the 1000s of students we have helped, none of them were aware of the common question types used in Part 3 Speaking.

After completing Mastering IELTS: A Theme Based Approach, students know that whatever questions come up, they are ready to impress!

Okay, but I think I can just do some practice tests.

Sure you can, and they are useful for test technique. But, only a well structured course will build knowledge and confidence for any questions that arise.

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IELTS LMS is the complete platform for preparation. We have courses to improve your English, we have courses to make you an expert in all aspects of the test and grading, plus we have 100s of free practice tests. All of this with auto-grading or affordable IELTS trainers to help if you need it.

We bring the best and most complete IELTS study material anywhere, with a fully integrated progress report that keeps you on target.

Meet Your Mentor

Vaibhav Sisinty
Founder GrowthSchool

Andrew Matthews is an engineer turned educator. After spending 15 years providing technology solutions for industry, he retrained as a teacher of English. He completed his Master of Education while teaching academic English full time in the top universities of South East Asia. 

He then trained as an IELTS examiner and worked for IDP in Thailand and Vietnam for four years, examining writing and speaking. During this time, he was a course designer and full time teacher of academic English and IELTS, as well as a teacher trainer for educational technology.

He wrote Mastering IELTS: A Theme Based Approach in 2021 to specifically address the problems his students were having in breaking through the Band 6.5 barrier. He found that his students simply did not have enough understanding of common topics, and how they relate to each other, to be able to perform in the test.

It was during this writing process that Andrew discovered IELTS LMS which led to a perfect match of content and technology. Students can learn independently, or with a trainer, through courses designed by educators. Seamless integration of study material, assessment and feedback, is simply not available anywhere else online.

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IELTS Mini Lessons, more original and exclusive material that bring you complete lessons on recent topics


Blogs and more, from learning strategies to planning an essay, there is something for everyone here

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Frequently Asked Questions

A complete 12 module course written by IELTS professionals to help you reach Band 7 and beyond in writing and speaking.

No, this is a course that combines real articles and audio with IELTS style reading, listening, writing and speaking quizzes that will naturally build knowledge first and then understanding.

All of the readings and listening are graded automatically with answer location data and explanations for the more difficult questions. Speaking and writing can be graded by our IELTS trainers for low fees ONLY when you request it – no contracts or complicated bundles.

Yes! You get access to free practice tests, free IELTS Mini Lessons and your own Progress Report to keep you informed of your improvement.