Custom result page

This addon enables IELTS course creators and trainers to fully customize the test result pages. Display banners, CTAs, and other elements to promote your services on the result page below the stats.

Marketing opportunities

Add CTAs or banners with personalized messages and links to their website, social media profiles, or registration pages, directly reaching learners as they are engaged in the learning experience.


Design the creative marketing banners with popular drag and drop builder like Elementor and WP bakery.

Boost your website conversions with custom result page.

Boost your course sales by customizing your result page and marketing banner with popular page builders like Elementor and WP Bakery. 

How it Works

Increase your website's conversions by adding a banner on your quiz result page! Our custom result page allows you to add any type of banner, which will help you increase your website's visibility and get more leads.

Student takes free test

See your Ad on result page

You get the new lead

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