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Case Studies

Ajay Naveen


I have attended and also conducted various classes on IELTS LMS and this is by far the best online platform to conduct IELTS Tests. The uploading features, assigning tests and then reviewing it are simply awesome.

1 year ago

Asad Yaqub


Great use of the platform, all my students liked it. the platform has been very consistent and new features added recently make it great to use. I was looking for a Virtual Classroom with basic functionalities but what I found was more than that. Great platform.

6 months ago



I think the IELTS LMS software is really wonderful and I like how all the features are under a single platform. The application is very easy to use and has very less distraction. It is very user friendly and I think the interface provides everything I need for my class.

1 year ago



As a trainer, the IELTS LMS platform has been a game changer. My job has been made much easier and more productive by the user-friendly design, extensive materials, and ability to track student progress.

2 weeks ago



I was hesitant at first to use an online platform, but IELTS LMS has exceeded my expectations. The platform is well-designed and offers me with all of the tools and resources I need to provide my students with high-quality courses.

7 days ago

Nidhi Maheshwari


I've been using IELTS LMS for over a year and it's without a doubt the best teaching platform I've ever used. Students enjoy it as well since it makes learning more dynamic and engaging. I strongly advise all IELTS trainers to use it.

3 days ago

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Give your students IELTS quizzes that maximise the learning benefits, cut down on grading and make feedback effortless. Use students result quickly and easily to identify errors and guide best teaching practices. And do this with your own brand! Keep your students on your platform that offers everything in one place.

Automated collection and display of your students results will power your lesson preparation to the next level. Be informed, get results.


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It’s time to go beyond mock tests!  Our white-label premium courses are unique in the IELTS marketplace.  Designed and written by our own in-house IELTS experts to help you push your students to the next level.

Mastering IELTS: A Theme Based Approach (84 Lessons, 175 Quizzes)

This course was designed with constructivism and Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning at its core. Reading and Listening activities use authentic material to build knowledge in your students. The integrated writing and speaking exercises then engage higher order thinking skills. Covering 12 common IELTS themes and designed to get your students speaking and writing with confidence to Band 6.5 and above.

IELTS Rubric Training

This short course helps you to really understand how examiners use the IELTS band descriptors. This is essential for you to give your students accurate feedback. It will also give you confidence when answering those tricky student questions about the test!

500+ Practice tests

These practice tests consists of Cambridge book tests from book (10-16) plus other 60 other full mock tests.

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Make your business truly stand out from the crowd by creating courses that you know your students love. Our course builder helps you design well structured lessons with ease and flexibility. And our quiz builder tool helps you design beautiful and functional quizzes exactly like the ones we use. This tool was built by us for you, exclusively!

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Even our blog page is written exclusively by us for you. Here you will find invaluable and in depth assistance on everything to do with running a successful training business. Marketing? Yes! Course design? Yes! Teaching methodology? Yes! Lesson planning? Yes!  Use our experience to deliver the best education for your students.

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Sell and deliver digital content, live training, and online courses using the Zoom integration.    Create and host Zoom meetings within IELTS bathes, view upcoming meetings, past meetings, and allow students and others to watch recordings while controlling access, and more.


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Schedule Live Classes

Create one-time and/or recurring online class sessions and Zoom meetings for a specific audience based on the batch they belong to.

Manage Classes Efficiently

No more swapping back and forth between apps. The integration’s simplicity extends to setup and management.

IELTS LMS Features

IELTS test builder

Upload unlimited IELTS practice test for your students.

Drag & Drop course builder

Create impressive online courses without restriction

Complete control

Create courses with flexible pricing models and customizable designs.

Automated notifications

Students can receive instant feedback and communication when they achieve a certain score or perform a certain action.

Assignment management

Approve, comment, and award points on submitted assignments.

Payment gateways

Simply set a price and your course is ready to be purchased.Sell courses through a recurring fee at an interval of your choosing.

Social Learning 

Enable your students to connect under your brand. Increase engagement and retention, and gather valuable feedback. Allow your students to learn from each other, increase your brand’s value, and reduce your workload.

Beautiful, customizable templates that align with your brand.

Choose from dozens of templates available through your IELTS LMS subscription.


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Case studies

IELTS LMS is the #1 choice of IELTS trainers and major coaching institues.

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