LearnDash Features

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For learners

Focus Mode

Eliminate distractions with focus mode by hiding content that cause students to click out of the course.

Video progression

Learners won’t miss a second by requiring a video to be watched entirely before moving on.

Automated notifications

Students can receive instant feedback and communication when they achieve a certain score or perform a certain action.

Learning Paths

Allow learners to test out of courses by enabling challenge exams.

Badges & certificates

Award official certificates based on quiz performance, completing a course, or both.

Profile dashboard

Learners can view courses, quiz scores, and points earned at a glance.

For course creators

Onboarding wizard

Once you install LearnDash, we’ll take you through an onboarding process that shows you how to maximize the plugin’s potential

Drag & drop course builder

The industry’s best course builder makes course creation simple.

Assignment management

Approve, comment, and award points on submitted assignments.

Advanced quizzing

Eight question types, custom messages, flexible question display, and more.

Flexible prerequisites

Set access to courses, lessons, and quizzes based on a set of prerequisites.

Dynamic content delivery

Drip-feed lessons, or set linear and open progression through your course.

For ecommerce

One-time purchases

Sell courses individually. Simply set a price and your course is ready to be purchased.

One-time purchases

Sell courses through a recurring fee at an interval of your choosing.

Payment gateways

Use a built-in payment system or integrate with WooCommerce for a full shopping cart experience.


Sell memberships through Groups to allow access to your course library.

Course bundles

Run promotions and deals for course bundles that add value for students.

Stripe integration

Skip the shopping cart and offer seamless checkout with Stripe ready-to-go.

For flexibility

Drag and drop course builder

Move around course design elements in an easy-to-use backend.

Use any media

Supports images, videos, audio, SWF files, HTML5, SCORM, xAPI, and more*


Thorough developer docs, hooks & filters, and REST API help you create robust custom functionality.


LearnDash integrates with the most popular apps for running a business.

Choose any theme

LearnDash works with any WordPress-reviewed theme you’d like. Or, get started with templates built specifically for LearnDash.


100+ developers have created add-ons to extend the flexibility of your WordPress course.

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