Skyrocket your PageSpeed performance

Discover high performance like never before. Thanks to WP Rocket, you can instantly see a great improvement in your website performance and Google PageSpeed Insights score — including Core Web Vitals.

The #1 WordPress Caching Plugin

A Tidy Database for a Happy Website

Optimize your speed with a cutting-edge technology

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Cached Pages, Ultra-Fast Loading Time

Google and other search engines love fast websites. When the loading time of your pages increases, your readers get bored and abandon you. Don’t let this happen: take advantage of caching with WP Rocket!

Make Your Files Lighter

A fast load time also depends on the amount of files that are uploaded to your website. With WP Rocket, you can minify and combine the CSS and JS files of your site, optimize CSS delivery, and load JS deferred.

Media Files Loaded Only When Needed

WP Rocket includes a smart set of options to tweak the display of images and iframes on your site. With our LazyLoad, you can defer the loading of images or iframes, leaving them ”off-screen” until the users need them.

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