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Evaluation by Expert Examiners

  1. IELTS Band Score from IELTS Experts: Receive your overall score plus TR, CC, LR and GRA scores
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Key Benefits

  1. Estimate Your Score:
    Before you take the real test, get feedback from IELTS experts. We analyse your writing sample and provide a reliable score estimate.
  2. Discover Your Weaknesses:
    Our detailed analysis goes beyond just a score. We pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, helping you identify areas that need improvement. This knowledge enables you to focus your preparation effectively.
  3. Personalised Suggestions:
    We don’t just tell you where you need improvement, we also provide actionable suggestions tailored to your needs. You get practical tips and resources to help you overcome your challenges and boost your writing skills.
  4. Improve Your Writing:
    Detailed evaluation offers a unique opportunity to enhance your writing abilities. By incorporating our suggestions into your preparation, you’ll develop a stronger command of the English language and refine your writing techniques.
  5. Score Higher:
    With our comprehensive assessment and personalized guidance, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle the IELTS writing test with confidence. 

CD-IELTS Writing

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CD-IELTS Writing