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IELTS Mini Lessons

Reach Band 7 and above with our unique lessons covering all four skills in new and interesting IELTS themes!


Each week we bring you Mini Lessons that are designed to increase your understanding and confidence in answering questions on common IELTS themes. 

The lessons will engage your critical thinking skills and enable you to make connections between themes and the real world. These skills are critical for anyone wanting to achieve Band 7 or higher.

If you are enjoying these short lessons, Mastering IELTS: A Theme Based Approach is a course that you will love!

Note: Results and grading options in My Progress as usual.

Fast Fashion

What is fast fashion, and how does it impact the economy and the environment? Find out more here…


    Citizen Journalism

    How is technology changing journalism, and should we be worried?


      Animal Rights

      Is animal welfare enough, or do animals need human rights?

      Mini Lesson 3 Animal Rights

        Plastic Kills

        We all know that plastic is polluting the oceans and killing wildlife, but is it killing us too?

        Mini Lesson 4 Plastic Waste

          AI Ethics

          ChatGPT, Siri, Facebook and Instagram reels – AI is already everywhere. Should we be concerned?

          Mini Lesson 5 AI Ethics

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