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Fast Fashion​

What is fast fashion, and how does it impact the economy and the environment? Find out more here…


    Citizen Journalism​

    How is technology changing journalism, and should we be worried?


      Animal Rights​

      Is animal welfare enough, or do animals need human rights?

      Mini Lesson 3 Animal Rights

        Plastic Kills​

        We all know that plastic is polluting the oceans and killing wildlife, but is it killing us too?

        Mini Lesson 4 Plastic Waste

          AI Ethics​

          ChatGPT, Siri, Facebook and Instagram reels – AI is already everywhere. Should we be concerned?

          Mini Lesson 5 AI Ethics

            Right to Strike

            Should all workers have the right to strike for better conditions? Even police and doctors?

            Mini Lesson 6 Right to Strike

              Cancel Culture

              Is cancel culture a legitimate and effective form of protest? Or does it limit discussion and prevent free speech?

              Mini Lesson 7 Cancel Culture


                Is graffiti art or vandalism? And does ‘street art’ have the same credibility as graffiti?

                Mini Lesson 8 Graffiti

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